Forever Young


A decade ago, your strands were luscious, glossy, and impossibly bouncy.  Today?  They’re sprinkled with greys, dull-looking, limp, and shedding.  No worries – this is normal (albeit totally annoying).  As you age, your hair goes through a serious transformation: cells stop producing pigment, strands turn grey. Plus, oil glands shrink, leaving hair drier. And, as your body experiences hormonal fluctuations, tresses can start losing luster and elasticity, and growing weaker.  Fun, huh?

All is not lost, ladies.  You can’t halt the aging process, but with a little TLC, you can keep it shiny and stronger, for longer. Back slowly away from too many chemical processes and avoid tugging on your hair with tight rollers, weaves, braids, or severe ponytails.  Your strands are fragile, and if you pull them out, you can damage roots, leaving you unable to grow more hair.

Spending any time in the sun? The same way you take extra care to apply wrinkle-fighting SPF to your skin, do the same with your hair! Massage sunscreen onto your scalp, to help prevent harmful rays from damaging and drying out the sensitive skin – which can leave strands dehydrated, too.

We don’t know who started the myth that you must go shorter as you grow older – but it’s exactly that, a myth.  Longer hair can be ultra-youthful.  If you have horizontal wrinkles, like crow’s feet, rock a lob or clavicle-length style to draw attention downward.  Vertical fine lines, like the ones on either side of your mouth and between brows, are best disguised with a side-swept bang or swingy, face-framing layers.  Also, lay off the hairspray!  Stiff hair is aging – movement is key to scoring a younger-looking crowning glory.

Pantene’s Age Defy Collection Advanced Thickening Treatment, Shampoo, and Conditioner are the perfect antidotes to aging hair.  Formulated to restore bounce and luster, these products make your hair look like it’s 6,500 strands thicker! But the true strand savior is the Rejuvenation Hydration Masque – it helps repair damage and moisturize with Pantene’s patented triple blend complex (an anti-aging mix of panthenol, caffeine and Niacinamide).  A few uses will shave a good decade off hair!