Locks Detox


There’s a reason women have made healthful retreats, spa treatments, and juice detoxes such a trend. Beyond the fact that some of our fave celebs are fans, they’re a great way to clear our bodies of impurities. The same goes for your strands! If coloring your tresses or overstyling has left your locks weak and damaged, it’s time to detox. And with the right purifying regimen, it’s easy to restore natural vivacity, bounce and strength to overburdened tresses.


Has your hair been looking like Albert Einstein’s lately (i.e., a frizzy, brittle hot mess)? Yep, that’s styling buildup. And, even worse, your hair can become weakened by mineral impurities like copper. To replenish, nourish and revive the hair, a weekly detoxifying shampoo is a must.


When you’ve gone too far with the chemical treatments, the last thing you should do is damage your ‘do further with harsh heat-styling, product overload or rough handling. Now’s the time to embrace your natural texture! Instead of blow-drying or flat-ironing your hair, pat it down with a towel to absorb most of the moisture, and then let it dry naturally. A fabulous style that works on all textures: Create a deep part with a fine-tooth comb, letting your hair fall dramatically across your forehead. Sweep the opposite side of your strands up into a cool accessory (like a floral or jewel-encrusted pin) or create a small, flirty French braid above your ear.


Pantene makes purifying your hair a cinch with the Damage Detox Daily Revitalizing Shampoo and Daily Rebuild Conditioner. Use every day to help rid your strands of impurities, and deliver the conditioning and nourishment that healthy hair needs. In conjunction with this regimen, once a week use the Weekly Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo and Deep Restoration Complex Weekly Rehab Crème – both of which intensify your detox and infuse embattled tresses with serious TLC.