Growing Strong


There are few things chicer than a fab bob, or a piecey pixie. Unless, of course, you’re jonesing for long hair! Growing out a short cut can be frustrating, rife with starts and stops -- and it seems to take forever, right? There are a few options, though. You could take a cue from celebs and wear extensions until your hair reaches your happy length (but this is an expensive, ultimately hair-damaging process). Or, follow some of our healthy hair tips for scoring luscious, lengthy locks!


The annoying news?. Your ends are usually shattered from years of heat styling, environmental damage and coloring, so it’s best to start off the growing process with an aggressive trim (split ends can keep splitting upwards if left to their own devices). After that, trim a quarter of an inch every other month – healthy tresses grow a half an inch a month, so this small snip won’t set your progress back.


If your strands haven’t reached Rapunzel status, try creating the illusion of length with your hairstyle! Have your stylist create long, face-framing layers -- short layers can make your style look stubby -- and shape the back so it falls in a soft V-shape. Want color? Ask your colorist for “Balayage” or soft ombre, where the ends are lighter than the rest of your ‘do. This way, your highlights will look dazzling even as your tresses grow out – you won’t have to deal with updating your roots!


Avoid extreme diets. Removing fat or crucial vitamins altogether can cause profound damage, shedding or even hair loss.  Always consult with a nutritionist before embarking on a significant diet change.


One of the biggest keys to healthy hair growth, of course, is preventing damage. And traumatized tresses lose keratins, the protein in hair that give it its strength. Help keep these important proteins protecting your hair with Pantene’s Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Repair collection! The Shampoo and Conditioner creates a protective layer from root to tip, shielding hair from damage. For extra care, try the 60 Second Therapy Ampoules, which moisturize hair without weighing it down; and the Split End Fuser, which helps repair the breakage that can inhibit hair growth.