Beat The Heat


Some like it hot, and that includes you. You say the hotter the better – where you live, what you eat, the guys you date. But the hot life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Too much heat on your hair, like too much heat in your relationship, can be at once totally satisfying and ultimately destructive.

Let’s admit it. We love the way our hair looks after using a flatiron, curling iron or blow-dryer (all hail the bouncy blowout!). Most of us use some sort of heat styler every single day! The problem? Excessive heat styling can be ruinous to healthy hair – think breakage, dryness, dullness, and split ends. Not hot.


This might seem torturous, but work with us. Try skipping heat styling for three or four days of the week. Lose the tools entirely, and embrace your natural texture with a cool wash-and-go look! To keep frizzies at bay, towel-squeeze the wetness from your hair and then apply a light styling lotion or shine serum. Or, simply turn down the heat. Use low-heat styling tools or ceramic irons (these create an even panel of heat, instead of hair-punishing hot spots). Also, only hold irons on your hair for two seconds, tops. And if you absolutely can’t part with your tools, always apply a heat protectant spray before using.


When your hair is weak and brittle from damage, you don’t want to expose it to any more wear and tear (i.e., environmental factors like drying artificial heat, frizz-inducing rain, or harmful sun rays). It’s also not a good idea to wear a style that requires you to use a hot iron or blowdryer. So, try rocking a tress-protecting style, like a low side braid or a sexy high bun.


Never pile heat-damaged hair on top of your hair to shampoo; this can cause further trauma to your delicate cuticle. Instead, leave your hair down and, using your fingers, run shampoo and conditioner from roots to ends. For an extra dose of moisture, leave your conditioner on for ten minutes before rinsing.


Keep your hair healthy by using heat-protecting products! Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield collection contains heat-activated oils that protect strands against hot tools, while also leaving damaged tresses feeling soft, silky, and manageable. Use the Heat Shield Shampoo and Conditioner daily, and apply the Pro-V Heat Shield Heat Potion Serum before applying heat to hair. It’s designed to protect against 450-degree heat damage, while repairing already stressed tresses.