Chemical-Free Curls


So, you’ve decided to embrace your natural self, even eschewing all kinds of processed foods as part of your whole-earth, holy-cow-you-look-great lifestyle. You’ve even finally grown out your relaxer. It took ages, but rocking your natural curls is so worth it, right? Unfortunately, there’s one thing no one tells naturalistas. Whether you have tight coils or loose ringlets, curly textures tend to be ultra-dry. Catastrophically dry. Here’s why: because of the follicle’s twirly, twisted curl pattern, the sebum – aka oil -- produced by your scalp has a hard time travelling down the shaft to the ends. The result? A dull-looking ‘do that’s prone to breakage. Not hot. Not that I’m living strong message you want to telegraph.


Moisture is a vital step in glamifying curls. Instead of shampooing, keep tresses hydrated by using a co-wash conditioner, which both cleanses and moisturizes hair. Also, with all the leave-ins, serums and curl creams naturalistas use, it’s easy for your hair to suffer from product buildup (which leaves hair even more damaged and dry). Twice a month, use a clarifying shampoo to help remove residue from your hair, leaving it squeaky clean and bouncy.


Need an extra moisture-surge? At night, apply the Truly Natural Protective Custard onto damp hair, and then wrap (this helps keep it from tangling in your sleep). Also at bedtime, skip cotton pillowcases -- curly hair can get caught in the fibers, causing breakage.  Instead, make sure your cover your curls in a satin scarf, or sleep on a satin pillowcase. The silky satin fabric helps keep natural hair smooth, shiny, and strong.


One of the trendiest, most versatile looks for natural curls is the two-strand twist – and it works on all textures and lengths! To do: at night, apply a moisturizing styling cream to wet hair, and then, using a wide-toothed comb, divide hair from ear to ear. Pin up the top, create three sections on the bottom, and in each, twist two pieces of hair around each other, securing with an elastic. Do the same on the top section. In the morning, rub a shine serum between your hands, unravel and fluff. Voila! Instantly sexy, bountiful waves.


The Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural collection has become the go-to regimen for natural hair. Formulated specifically for unrelaxed coils, curls, and waves, these products leave your tresses moisturized, glossy, and healthy. The low-lathering Truly Natural Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner cleanses, detangles and conditions in one fell swoop, while the Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo helps strip damage-causing product buildup from your delicate strands. Want bouncy, well-defined spirals?  Truly Natural Shine Serum with Argan Oil is the perfect ‘do finisher, leaving your hair looking glossier than ever.