Shinily Ever After


Everyone wants leading lady hair. You know, gleaming, glowing hair that seems to be bathed in its own spotlight. Sadly, because of daily wear and tear and overuse of styling products, most of us have dull tresses. It’s easy to turn lifeless locks around, though. Lustrous hair depends on four factors: smoothness, cleanliness, shine-enhancing products, and alignment -- i.e., the cuticle (or protective outer layer of hair) lying flat, so the light can easily reflect off the surface. Here’s how to get your own spotlight-worthy sheen.


Always use a moisturizing cleansing shampoo to remove dulling product residue – and a smoothing, sleekening conditioner to add shine. Also, apply a bit of a shine serum throughout hair daily, to add moisture and an irresistible gleam.


Excessive roughing up of your hair – through aggressive blowdrying or tearing through knots – can disrupt cuticle alignment, making hair look even duller. Always blowdry with the blowdryer nozzle facing downwards, so you don’t disrupt your cuticle.  To detangle, use a natural bristle brush from the bottom up, then run it through strands from scalp to ends, distributing shine-enhancing natural oils throughout your tresses.


For an extra dose of gleam, ask your colorist for a clear gloss or glaze treatment. This ammonia-free treatment deposits moisture while enhancing your natural haircolor, giving it a rich shine.


The Pantene Pro-V Smooth with Argan Oil collection contains a mixture of oils that create micro-droplets on the hair (instead of heavy, greasy droplets), which give dull hair depth and shine. Every day, treat hair to the Smooth with Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner – both of which help keeps your hair looking sleek and glossy all day – and follow with the Argan Oil Shine Serum to give tresses twenty-four hour humidity control.